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2015 Retreat Attendee Comments
 Retreat Highlights g
Attendees were asked what the retreat highlights were. All comments have been unedited. Attendees were not bribed. • “I loved meeting all of the flute players and hearing all of their fun stories! I also LOVED my lesson with Sharon Sparrow and the yummy food! It was all great!” • “The food, the view, the people, and the knowledge Sharon shared with us” • “Private Lesson – Sharon’s insight in every topic – practice habits and exercises – Baroque – making music – contrasting info and exercises” • “Location, positive atmosphere, FOOD!” • “Lessons with Sharon. All the sessions. Camaraderie.” • “The social environment- everyone was so welcoming and non-judgmental. Sharon encourages this environment and is such a friendly, open person as an accomplished musician.” • “The individualized work with Sharon, the incredible food, the fabulous yoga instruction, THIS AMAZING LOCATION right on Lake MI. This was absolutely a “retreat” in every sense of the word.” Retreat Amenities g
Must admit, attendees were bribed with food by our brilliant chef. ACCOMMODATIONS: • “Amazing” • “SO nice! The beds were very comfy and the house is beautiful!” • “The house was beautiful and the beds were so comfortable!” • “The best, ever! Not overcrowded. • “Very comfortable – what a unique setting!” • “Perfect” • “Super-The private room was well worth the extra cost – perfect for me. Wonderful, unique house!” • “Beautiful!” • “Ridiculously amazing. I enjoyed pretending that I lived here for a weekend.” FOOD: • “Out of this world amazing!” • “DELICIOUS!” • “I’m still thinking about the strawberry rhubarb pie…(delicious all-around)” • “EXCELLENT!” • “A-MAZING!!! ” • “FANTASTIC!” • “Amazing! And healthy, too!” • “Need you ask? Yum, yum from a self-proclaimed foodie! (Wine was a nice touch, too). • “ARE YOU KIDDING? It was heavenly. Light, healthy, delicious. Perfection.” • “A++”
Learning Environment g
• “Fabulous-it was very open” • “Very helpful & safe” • “It was so comfortable, positive, and non-judgmental. I loved it.” • “Stress free. Open.” • “Comfortable, Warm” • “Perfect. Very safe, supportive, and positive” • “Relaxed but informative in buckets!” • “Comfortable” • “It felt very open and not intimidating. Sharon and Melissa did a nice job setting the right tone that made everyone feel comfortable.”  Sharon Sparrow and the Interactive Sessions g
SHARON SPARROW: • “12 out of 10! (amazing, sweet, helpful, fun, talented) • “She breaks the rating scale!” • “Oh my – The best, ever. Sharon is a beautiful woman inside & out!” • “10,000+++! Awesome” • “Entirely the right person to do this!” • “10/10! Sharon is amazing.” • “Great job. Great stories and phenomenal playing!” • “Sharon is a wonderful teacher – kind, enthusiastic, flexible. She is fabulous” • “A++” SESSIONS: • “I learned SO much from them!” • “Yes-complicated concepts were put into very simple terms so success was easy to achieve” Additional Comments g
• “This was an incredible retreat. Thank you for planning this well-organized event! I loved it!” • “This has been such an amazing experience and I am so happy that I decided to come. I learned more than I could ever imagine and I LOVE the beach!” • “I wish I could stay longer!” • “THANK YOU!” • “I loved every minute of it” • “You are all great, fantastic, amazing, wonderful people and flutists that I am glad to have met! • “This was such a unique, beneficial experience!” • “This was a wonderful experience! I’m so glad I came.” • "The details involved in this were so impressive…I’ve made friends that I hope to keep in touch with. This is the best!! :)” Overall Experience • “Top-classy-Professional-Informative, FUN!” • 10,000+!!! • “Excellent – learned a TON and had some fun too!” • “10/10!” • “Excellent!” • “One million stars/10” • “A++”